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Located in the Hines Academic Center, the School of Criminal Justice and Criminology offers baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral-level curricula that address a wide range of social issues and research opportunities.

The School of Criminal Justice and Criminology is a vibrant department, with approximately 1,300 baccalaureate students, 40 master's students, and 40 doctoral students. Twenty-eight full-time faculty members are involved in educating students as well as engaging in a wide range of research endeavors.

The goals of the department are two-fold: (1) the preparation of competent and reponsible public servants to assume roles in criminal investigation and apprehension, agency administration, prosecution, and correctional services, and (2) the preparation of graduates with advanced theoretical knowledge and research skills in criminal justice for leadership roles in academic, public policy, and administrative positions. These goals are pursued in the context of a broad university curriculum that provides a foundation of knowledge necessary to function in a challenging world.