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Doctoral News

Below you will find up-to-date news within the criminal justice Ph.D. program. The news will include visiting professors, important updates for students, as well as honors bestowed upon the criminal justice doctoral faculty.

SWACJ 2017

First-year doctoral student, Mary Maybury, wins 3rd place in student paper competition for her SWACJ Conference paper titled: "The impact of school resource officers on adult perceptions of police: Do SROs influence youth perceptions of police, and do these opinions persist into adulthood?".

Congratulations, we are proud of you!

ACJS 2015

Barbara Smith and Dittita Tititampruk with their 2015 ACJS poster
Barbara Smith and Dittita Tititampruk at the 2015 ACJS conference

B. Smith and D. Tititampruk with their poster from ACJS 2015 on "Offenders decision making to commit a violent crime: An assessment of gun crime offenders"

Jackie Schildkraut and Jaymi Elsass have been awarded the 2014 Student Paper Award from the ACJS Student Affairs Committee for their co-authored work The Effect of the Boston Marathon Bombing on the Fear of Crime among College Students.

Michele Quinones after successfully defending her dissertation


American Society of Criminology Meeting, Chicago - 2012

News on Current Students

Tyler Vaughan and Joseph McKenna were selected as "Outstanding Ph.D. Students in Criminal Justice at Texas State University for 2015-2016.

Dr. Richard McCleary Visit

The Department of Criminal Justice welcomed Dr. Richard McCleary to Texas State University on February 6, 2012. Dr. McCleary presented a lecture titled: Design and Analysis of Time Series Experiments. The lecture concerned various dimensions of time series analysis such as: time series designs and models, validity, impact models, and the rationality behind the use of time series analysis. Dr. McCleary's proficiency in time series analysis is reflected in his recognized work that includes the book Interrupted Time Series Analysis (1980), which has continued to be used for over 30 years.

Dr. Richard McCleary is currently a Professor of Criminology, Law & Society at the University of California-Irvine and has served academic appointments at State University of New York-Albany and Yale University. Dr. McCleary has instructed Quantitative Social Science at the ICPSR Summer Institute at the University of Michigan. He is past Editor of Criminology and Public Policy, and past Associate Editor of the Evaluation Studies Review Annual, Behavioral Assessment, and Justice Quarterly.

Ph.D. Employment Workshop: Spring 2012

On January 17th, the Department of Criminal Justice held an Employment Workshop for students in the doctoral program.  This academic year is the third year of the doctoral program, and several of our students are gearing up to enter the academic job market.  The workshop was an all day event where department faculty organized roundtable sessions on a variety of topics.  Dr. David Perkins and Dr. Mark Stafford gave an overview of the interview process and discussed search committees.  Dr. Bobby Vasquez and Dr. Beth Sanders presented information on curriculum vitae and cover letter preparation.  Dr. Scott Bowman, Dr. Mitch Chamlin, and Dr. Donna Vandiver spoke to the students about interview questions and preparing for a job talk.  To close the day, Dean Jaime Chahin met with the doctoral students and gave advice on the job hunting process and salary negotiations.

American Society of Criminology Meeting, Washington D.C. - 2011

Dr. Joycelyn Pollock to Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Science Advisory Board

Dr. Joycelyn Pollock has been named by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Science Advisory Board, which reviews and makes recommendations about OJP research, statistics, and grant programs.

News Release

Pollock_Writeup (PDF, 673 KB)

The Board of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences has honored Dr. Mitch Chamlin with the Inaugural 2011 Minority Mentorship Grant Award. Congratulations to Dr. Chamlin!

Dr. Colin Loftin Visit

Howard Williams is honored as the College of Applied Arts Outstanding Doctoral Student for 2009-2010


Congratulations to the following doctoral students:

2017 Outstanding Doctoral Student

Kathy Martinez-Prather

2017 Outstanding Teaching Assistants

Jennifer Carreon

Dustin Werley

2017 Outstanding Research Assistants

William Sandel

Tyler Vaughan