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Graduate (MSCJ) Assistant Application

This form is used to apply for the graduate (MSCJ) assistant positions available at the School of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Texas State University.

The deadline for GA applications is February 1, 2022 (for graduate assistantships commencing in Fall 2022). Only incoming students who have submitted applications to join the program in Fall by the February 1, 2022, priority deadline, as well as continuing students, will be considered.

Additional GA positions have become available so we're welcoming a second round of applications this year with a deadline of May 15, 2022.

We're making these positions available to all Fall 2022 incoming students, regardless of whether they met the February 1 priority deadline to join the program, so don't delay and submit your program application, then apply to join the GA Team.

All completed applications are sent directly to the Graduate Advisor. If you have questions about these positions, please email

Are you currently a student on this program? *
If you are not yet a student on the MSCJ program, have you submitted a complete application to join the program in the fall?
Please indicate the course(s)/area(s) in which you would feel comfortable tutoring undergraduate students:
Research Methods *
Statistics *
Essay writing *
Crime theory *
Please select your level of competency with the following technology/software.
Canvas *
Zoom *
Microsoft Teams *
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Supporting statement:
Choose a different person from the two individuals who wrote letters for your program application