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Crisis Negotiation Competition & Seminar

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Texas State University


the School of Criminal Justice


 the 29th Annual Competition & Seminar for Crisis Negotiations

January 14-17, 2019

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The 2019 Crisis Negotiation Seminar and Competition will be held in two separate locations. The Monday night and all day Tuesday classes will be held at the South End Complex of the Bobcat Stadium. The competition portion, on Wednesday and Thursday, will be held at the ALERRT Range at 1285 William Pettus Rd, Maxwell, Texas, 78656. Local teams will need to bring their throw phones or have cell phones available. Parking is AMPLE, and all space is FLAT, FLAT, FLAT. Teams are encouraged to bring their vans, trailers, or other negotiation vehicles!

       Every January, the School of Criminal Justice at Texas State University opens its doors to a number of Crisis and Hostage Negotiation teams from around the nation. The conference & seminar is a three day event, consisting of a full day of classes which explore the latest issues faced by negotiators, as well as a two day training component involving mock hostage situations. Classroom and training hours combined accredit participants with a total of 24 TCOLE hours. This will be Texas State‚Äôs 29th Crisis and Hostage Negotiation Seminar & Conference and we are looking forward to it being a great one.

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Our goal is to provide realistic training in which the scenarios are experientially based. When working a mock hostage situation that is presented, a team's performance is evaluated by trained and experienced negotiators, which provides an opportunity to learn how other teams handle certain situations. The Hostage Negotiation Competition & Seminar is supplemental to any training hostage teams have previously received.

Hays County Crisis Negotiations  Bad Guy Central 

Hays County Negotiations Team                              'Bad Guy Central'


 Practice makes perfect! A motto that has proven to be true time and time again. Given the nature of the situations handled by negotiators, finding ways to practice can be difficult and limited to classroom brainstorms, lectures, and a read of the latest journals. The crisis' simulated for this conference, allows negotiators to actually train for specific instances. With the 'captors' kept private, negotiation teams are forced to utilize their skills as they would in the real world, making the training experience unique and quite beneficial.

Directed By:

Dr. Wayman Mullins

Certified in Police Psychology

Diplomate of Police Psychology

  For questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Wayman Mullins at: