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Criminal Justice

Welcome to the School of Criminal Justice

The School of Criminal Justice is among the premier academic programs in the country. We offer degrees at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral levels, and we provide outstanding academic and practical learning experiences for students seeking employment in the criminal justice field. Both the School and University emphasize academic excellence and integrity, and provide the necessary support for teaching, research, and practice at all levels. 

The faculty has more than doubled in size over the past ten years, and we have attracted scholars of national and international reputation. In Fall 2013, the School of Criminal Justice welcomed its new Director, Dr. Christine Sellers, who joined us from the University of South Florida and specializes in criminological theory. Other notable additions include Dr. Beth Sanders, the Coordinator of our Master’s program, Dr. Mitchell Chamlin, from the University of Cincinnati and a widely recognized expert in macro-level criminology and time series data analyses, and Dr. Marcus Felson, an internationally acclaimed routine activity theorist who joined us from Rutgers University. Our faculty also features Dr. Kim Rossmo, the world's leading expert in geographic profiling, and Dr. Mark Stafford, who departed The University of Texas to direct our Ph.D. program. 
Because of our exceptionally diverse faculty, the School offers concentrations in areas of study such as policing, corrections, law, juvenile crime, female offending, environmental criminology, criminological theory, and management and organization. We also offer a variety of specialized courses in crime analysis, statistics, and quantitative data analysis. Home to the Center for Geospatial Intelligence and Investigation and the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) center, the School of Criminal Justice offers many opportunities for criminal justice research.
Our productive faculty, diverse curriculum, and research support, along with our tradition of excellence and our bright future, strongly position Texas State to produce the finest criminologists and criminal justice researchers and policy-makers in the country. 
Welcome to the School of Criminal Justice, a Rising Star at Texas State University!
*In accordance with university policy and federal law, reasonable and appropriate accommodations will be made for qualified students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are asked to contact the Office of Disabilities Services who will then coordinate any necessary accommodations.