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Master's Degree in Criminal Justice


For law enforcement officers. Learn more here

Master's Degree in Criminal Justice

The School of Criminal Justice offers a Master of Science in Criminal Justice (M.S.C.J.) degree, and also participates in the Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies program. The curriculum provides for the development of skills in criminal justice program planning, implementation, and evaluation to ensure a meaningful contribution to this important area of community and human services.

The Master's program in criminal justice consists of a 36 credit-hour curriculum, which may be completed with a thesis or non-thesis option to earn a Master's of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ).
Candidates who choose the thesis option will complete the 18 credit-hour criminal justice core curriculum, six thesis hours (CJ 5399A, CJ 5399B), and 12 hours of graduate elective courses. Non-thesis candidates complete the 18 hour core curriculum, three professional paper hours (CJ 5370), and 15 hours of graduate elective courses.

All candidates complete a written comprehensive exam and an oral defense of the thesis or professional paper prior to graduation. The links below will take you to more information on the master's program.