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Criminal Justice Scholarships are awarded for the Fall and Spring Term for each academic year. Students must be currently enrolled at Texas State University and majoring in Criminal Justice at the time of application. Each application must be submitted as a complete package, which must be received on or before April 1 of the preceding academic year. Students who submit a complete application will be considered for all Criminal Justice Scholarships for which they are eligible.

The electronic application, requires applicants to submit a letter of intent stating career and educational goals and financial need, a resumé, an unofficial transcript, and three letters of recommendation (at least two of the three letters must be from a professor. Applications for the scholarships are processed directly through the Texas State University School of Criminal Justice. All required materials must be submitted electronically through the portal at one time.

The actual number of scholarships and the amount awarded is predicated by the activity of the stock market. All existing scholarship funds are invested in various media and the award is generated by the amount of the return on the investment for a particular period.

Students will not receive cash for an awarded scholarship. Instead, an amount equal to the size of the award will be deducted from the recipient’s tuition bill for the appropriate term. All recipients will be automatically reviewed at the end of the Fall Term to determine continued eligibility for the Spring Term. All recipients are expected to write a letter of appreciation to the family of the memorialized former student at the beginning of the Fall Term. 

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